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EaseUS Todo Backup Free 6.0 Download

EASEUS Todo Backup Free Edition is available as a free download in the full version (6.0) of the windows. EASEUS Todo Backup is the best free, safe and reliable data recovery software for home users to recover important data and files easily. EASEUS Todo Backup permits users to create a backup of a strong, safe, fast and immediate on the spot of important data files. EASEUS Todo Backup is a simple to use software that can recover office documents, camera images and mobile data recovery, file compression, and video and music files instantly without casting any user fees. EASEUS Todo Backup has many popular products for both users and business standard. There are some products that use the servers to restore data in terabytes. This will work better than the power to restore data and R- Studio data recovery software.

EASEUS Todo Backup can recover any type of data files that were damaged during the disaster any problems in Windows. It also allows the user to use this program as disk cloning, disk upgrades and SSD solution Immigration advanced features. EASEUS Todo Backup is the best and strongest alternative from Symantec's Norton Ghost. EASEUS Todo Backup is a completely free software only for home users, and if you have a business to buy the professional version of the developer site. It saves the last state of your operating system even if the computer windows were damaged due to power outages, closing unexpected, turn off the computer by mistake or for other reasons. EASEUS Todo Backup Free Edition can be easily restored OS laptop or notebook computer in the right place where it was before the problem

Operating system support:

EASEUS Todo Backup supports all popular operating systems released of Microsoft Windows. Has EASEUS Todo Backup also support internal capacity-bit environments to 32-bit and 64 operating systems.

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8


EASEUS Todo Backup supports some of the most popular languages ​​from around the world. The use of these languages ​​in an attempt software features data in the local language of your restoration.

French Language

Full Backup:

EASEUS Todo Backup free version allows you to create a complete backup of the hard drive or create a backup copy partition separates immediately. This will save all the data files to the disk image that contains the original files are located on the right track. So you can simply restore the image file to the target hard disk or divide it to recover images, documents, videos, music, and many other types of data.

A separate backup:

EASEUS Todo Backup Free program has the ability to create a backup image file is unique and one of the sections separated from the local hard drive. Each type of backup can be easily created with the support of EASEUS Backup Free Edition. You can restore the separate images to specific sections on the hard drive without taking a lot of time.

Create a hard drive or partition image:

EASEUS Todo Backup allows creates a backup of your entire hard disk partition or create separate images directly through image backup feature. Hard drive size up to 2 terabytes and supports under the free version of EASEUS Todo Backup.

Schedule backup:

EASEUS Todo Backup has the advantage create a scheduled backup of everything, such as the hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, SD card, external hard drives, CD / DVD drives and many other types of data.

Mount / unmount the image:

EASEUS Todo Backup feature allows installation and is increasingly of images that have been created through the appropriate backup. EASEUS Todo Backup images can be downloaded easily from the backup in the external drive. So you can easily check, edit and delete files and folders from image files.

Wipe the disk:

EASEUS Todo Backup has the advantage of saving you spend your entire hard disk drive is full or erase some separate sections. Therefore, this feature will help you create your local hard disk and data on your drive safe from unauthorized access to your data.

Cloud Download:

EASEUS Todo Backup gives you the opportunity to download a backup of all files on the cloud-based storage and. EASEUS Todo Backup supports all cloud servers such as SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others. So you can easily download the data to these servers after logging on to these accounts.

Image division:

EASEUS Todo Backup allows splitting large and heavy image files into small pieces to save the image file to different locations or easily uploaded to the cloud-based servers. This will save time and space as well.

Image compression:

EASEUS Todo Backup can easily image compression size too small to make it to save space and download time. You can reduce image file size by selecting a high-pressure level before the start of compression of the image.
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