Sunday, 5 April 2015

Free Download Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing Tutor is one of the master touch typing is simple, fast, powerful and best writing can accelerate the speed of the user at one time. Rapidtyping as the name of the teacher you know that it works quickly and change the writing speed to fast and as soon as possible. The great thing is that the teacher rapid writing is free for personal use and also companies. Rapid Typing Tutor does not include any restrictions or time trial. It's completely free and does not require any registration. Instant printing a safe and fast way to increase teacher provides print speed quickly. It contains no spyware, no adware toolbar in any setting. Rapid Typing Tutor is also no need to connect to the Internet to download or update any service.
Rapid Typing Tutor has the ability to increase writing speed immediately with support for integrated courses, lessons, games and other features. Fast, small, lightweight Typing Tutor available in less than 10 MB in size Typing Tutor. It does not require installation of any additional connection or network connection. It is absolutely free with full features and a copy of its users. Rapid Typing Tutor is also a portable version for use in the office, and students. Requires no installation and portable version you can use it from a USB flash drive immediately.

Multiple languages ​​necessary for those users who do not know English. International users want their own local language to use the software in their own local language. Rapid Typing Tutor is available in many popular languages ​​from all over the world. These languages ​​are Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Farsi, German, Greek, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and many others.

Student Area:

It includes Rapid Typing Tutor special support for students with support group, different courses, and student statistics, and password protection, adding a large number of students, import and export data and statistics students. This is an additional powerful feature especially for student groups and classes to join and make the community to increase printing speed quickly

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