Monday, 9 March 2015

Free Download Typing Master PRO 7 Version

TypingMaster Pro 7.01 is an ideal and powerful tool to increase your typing speed immediately. Writing Master Professional is now available as a free download for Windows PC. TypingMaster Pro allows you to increase your typing speed of both platforms such as touch and type. TypingMaster has a lot of exercises that will guide you step by step as a beginner. TypingMaster includes games and techniques to provide you with fun, including the acceleration of the hands on the different keyboard. TypingMaster Pro has includes lessons that will allow you to learn typing speed with a simple and easy steps.

TypingMaster Pro can make your typing in double speed than ever before. This will save your time to spend on the slow writing speed. TypingMaster has internal tools provide, especially for beginners and students. It is also called your teacher TypingMaster personal writing that provides a quick and easy tips and techniques to speed up your typing speed in a short time. TypingMaster makes you kind of professional writer novice learner. After getting your typing speed faster, you can save your studies, chat or work time easily. TypingMaster provides 100% guaranteed results on a master's degree in writing.

TypingMaster provides easy steps that guide you step by step guide line on your personal advancement. TypingMaster fully customizable typing tutor because you can skip the hard lessons to learn at leisure later. TypingMaster gets your weaknesses automatically. After pointing out the weaknesses in the time to learn a lesson, TypingMaster offers private eliminate your weaknesses or phrases keys exercises. TypingMaster just take your 3 to 5 hours for being a master's degree in professional writing. TypingMaster Professional is the perfect typing teacher that trains you like a teacher to learn and you're writing as soon as possible.

Five lessons:

TypingMaster only provides 5 lessons learned that cover the full keyboard keys such as an alphanumeric keyboard, numeric keypad, private keys and codes as well. This will speed up your typing speed through all around the entire keyboard.

Multiple exercises:

TypingMaster gives you many of the operations that fall under each lesson. These include exercises and games, text, paragraph, and exercises the visual keyboard, and time trials, special exercises and many others. And use all of these tools to engage you with the writing and also increase the flow of your writing.

Writing test:

TypingMaster provides professional writing tests to check your typing speed easily at home. These tests work and provide you with a random trial is time to end the test under a certain time. This will force you to speed up your typing speed through the appropriate channel. It shows the full report at the end of the writing tests.

Test Duration:

TypingMaster optimized for exercise and for the lesson on your skills. If you have better skills and work TypingMaster provides you with professional learning techniques with less time to get all the features quickly. If you have a slower print speed, which gives you exercises slower long trial period.

Dynamic tracking:

TypingMaster keeps an eye on your writing skills and allows you to give a dynamic report at the end of each lesson. The report contains errors, perfect, print speed in WPM other results. This will also determine the bad words or most wrong keys pressed during workouts.

Save time:

TypingMaster is a professional tool that includes powerful tools to speed up your writing skills. This will save the value of work, study, chat or blogging time. Should you require greater speed in writing and more perfect to avoid the buttons to re-write.

Games bubble:

TypingMaster has a different bubble introduced in each lesson with different keys games. Is updated every game automatically bubble on improvements to the lessons later. Bubble games include the time and missed the trail of 5 keys to finish the match.

Support for hands and fingers:

TypingMaster provides you with complete guidance to learn the writing as a professional. TypingMaster gives you a preview of hands to where to put your hands on the keyboard. It also provides you with the perfect for your fingers to reach the keys targeted precisely.
Application Details

Size: 8.99 MB
Version: 7.01
License: Shareware
Developer: TypingMaster

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